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3x's a day


In a simulation, students will have the opportunity to examine brushing their teeth and comparing water consumption using a variety of techniques. How much water can you save 3xs a day?


Matter and Energy, Grade 3 (Forces Causing Movement)

There are several types of forces that cause movement.  Forces cause objects to speed up, slow down, or change direction through direct contact or through direct contact or through interaction at a distance.  Forces in nature, such as high winds or water, can have a significant impact on humans and the environment, and need to be regarded with respect.

  • access the impact of various forces on society and the environment;
  • investigate devices that use forces to create controlled movement;
  • demonstrate an understanding of how forces cause movement and changes in movement.

Earth and Space Systems, Grade 5 (Conservation of Energy and Resources)

Energy sources are either renewable or non-renewable.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed.

Choices about using energy and resources have both immediate and long-term impacts.

Conservation (reducing our use of energy and resources) is one way of reducing the impacts of using energy and resources.

  1. analyse the immediate and long-term effects of energy and resources use on society and the environment, and evaluate options for conserving energy and resources;
  2. investigate energy transformation and conservation;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of the various forms and sources of energy and the ways in which energy can be transformed and conserved.
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