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Festival Activity Centres

70% Water


Children will discover how much of their body mass is made up of water. Using a teeter-totter and 1 litre water bottles, or scales, they will be able to calculate the amount of water in their bodies.


Mathematics, Grade 3 (Measurement)

  • estimate, measure, and record length, perimeter, area, mass, capacity, time, and temperature, using standard units; 

Mathematics, Grade 4 (Measurement)

  • estimate, measure, and record length, perimeter, area, mass, capacity, volume, and elapsed time, using a variety of strategies;
  • determine the relationships among units and measurable attributes, including the area and perimeter of rectangles.

Life Systems, Grade 5 (Human Organ Systems)

Organ systems are components of a larger system (the body) and as such, work together and affect one another.Choices we make affect our organ systems and in turn, our overall health.

  1. analyse the impact of human activities and technological innovations on human health;
  2. demonstrate an understanding of the structure and function of human body systems and interactions within and between systems.
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