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Festival Activity Centres

Up on the Watershed


This hands-on centre allows student the opportunity to understand; what is a watershed, how they are connected, and how we have an impact on the watershed.


Heritage and Citizenship, Grade 3 (Early Settlements in Upper Canada)
Students investigate and describe the communities of early settlers and First Nation peoples in Upper Canada around 1800. 
They research interactions between new settlers and existing communities of First Nation peoples and French settlers and identify factors that helped to shape the development of the various communities. Students also compare communities of the past with those of the present.

Earth and Space Systems, Grade 4 (Rocks and Minerals)
Rocks and minerals have unique characteristics and properties that are a result of how they were formed. The properties of rocks and minerals determine society’s possible uses for them. Our use of rocks and minerals affects the environment.
1. assess the social and environmental impacts of human uses of rocks and minerals;
2. investigate, test, and compare the physical properties of rocks and minerals;
3. demonstrate an understanding of the physical properties of rocks and minerals.

Matter and Energy, Grade 5 (Properties of and Changes in Matter)
There are three states of matter. Matter that changes state is still the same matter.  Physical change refers to the fact that a substance can be changed from one form to another. Chemical change implies the formation of a new substance. The properties of materials determine their use and may have an effect on society and the environment.

  1. evaluate the social and environmental impacts of processes used to make everyday products;
  2. conduct investigations that explore the properties of matter and changes in matter;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of the properties of matter, changes of state, and physical and chemical change.


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